• India growth story continues with expected growth rates upwards of 7% over the next few decades.
  • With an ever increasing young population coming into work force every year, we will have increasing income potential and consumption demand over the next few decades.
  • A rising aspiring middle class
  • Household Savings continuing to rise at a CAGR of 15%,


    • Low level of retail participation: 1% of population verses 10% plus in other countries
    • Low level of penetration of financial products and service
      • MF AUM as a % of GDP 14 % in India vs 30% in Brazil and 67% in USA
      • Insurance – 5 % of GDP, Retail loans @10% of GDP
      • Equity broking @6% of GDP as against 13% in UK and 34% in USA
    • High expected growth in per capita income over the next few decades…Indian per capita income is expected to match that of UK and USA by 2050
    • Brokerage market itself is expected to grow to over 65000 Crores by 2020 from about 10000 (?) crores today…
  • And therefore ever increasing demand for investment, protection and financial planning products and services.
  • The business proposition for a district strategic business partner – Attach.

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