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DSPBR Natural Res & New Energy Fund-Reg(G)
NAV (Rs)
Fund Type Open ended scheme
Investment Plan Growth  
Launch Date 25-Apr-08  
Fund Manager Rohit Singhania , Jay Kothari  
Face Value (Rs) 10  
Net Assets (Rs cr) 292.64  
Minimum Investment (Rs) 1000  
Increm.Investment (Rs) 500  
Benchmark MSCI World Energy Index, S&P BSE METAL Index, S&P BSE OIL & GAS Index  
Entry Load 0.00%
Exit Load 1.00%  
Tax Benefits Section 64(1A) ,Section 94(7)  
Average Maturity NA  
To seek to generate capital appreciation and provide long term growth opportunities by investing in equity and equity related securities of companies domiciled in India whose pre-dominant economic activity is in the: (a) discovery, development, production, or distribution of natural resources, viz., energy, mining etc; (b) alternative energy and energy technology sectors, with emphasis given to renewable energy, automotive and on-site power generation, energy storage and enabling energy technologies. The Scheme will also invest a certain portion of its corpus in the equity and equity related securities of companies domiciled overseas, which are principally engaged in the discovery, development, production or distribution of natural resources and alternative energy and/or the units/shares of Merrill Lynch International Investment Funds – New Energy Fund, Merrill Lynch International Investment Funds – World Energy Fund and similar other overseas mutual fund schemes. The secondary objective is to generate consistent returns by investing in debt and money market securities.
SIP Details
SIP MIN Investments (Rs) 500
SIP Incremental Investments(Rs) 1
SIP Frequency   Monthly
No.of Investments Cheques
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